5 Things

5 Things You Love About Your Life
1. My cozy little home, filled with beautiful bits.
2. My incredible, considerate, strong, thoughtful, man.
3. My relationships with each of my family members (and also that they’re so close!)
4. My two monsters.
5. My beautiful friends, who will make and eat cake with me, listen to me rant and tangent, and are willing to help a car-less sistah out. MUCH love.

5 Favorite Things To Do
1. Play in my garden.
2. Can/jar/pickle/make my own food!
3. Bake something delicious.
4. Thrift store shop! (x2!)
5. Read

5 Favorite Movies
1. Stardust
2. Sense and Sensibility
3. Beauty and the Beast
4. Best In Show
5. Amelie

5 Favorite Shows
1. 30 Rock
2. Angry Beavers
3. Invader Zim
4. 3rd Rock From the Sun
5. Arrested Development

5 People You Want To Meet
1. Emma Thompson
2. Alan Rickman
3. Judi Dench
4. Genevieve Gorder
5. John Lithgow

5 Foods You Could Eat Forever
1. Roasted brussel sprouts
2. Garden-fresh, sun-warmed tomatoes with LEETLE bitta salt
3. Black beans and rice
4. Roasted potatoes
5. Nutella Toast

5 Things You Are Not Good At
1. Playing it cool
2. Not eating cake or chocolatey goodness
3. Eating slow
4. keeping basil alive
5. doing my laundry

5 Things You ARE Good At
1. making tea
2. returning library books on time
3. doing my dishes at night
4. recycling
5. interior design (on-a-dime)

5 Things You Can’t Live Without
1. apricot face scrub
2. Nalgene
3. my toothbrush
4. lint roller
5. inhaler (literally, i couldn’t live without it)

5 Favorite Scents
1. Fresh-cut grass
2. rain, and dirt after the rain
3. the king
4. Baking bread
5. lilacs (and/or jasmine)


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