the writer of one of my favorite blogs, Cold Antler Farm, wrote about how writing down your dreams is more likely to make them a reality. i was actually pondering how I wanted to sit down this evening with a cup of tea and draw up a picture of the homestead I want for my very own, to make it come true, as well as re-evaluating my goals for this year. and then i pulled out my moleskin, and I found a list of goals i made in march of 2011. reading through them, i realized i’ve actually accomplished almost all of them, which only proves that writing down what you want to accomplish can help you in your pursuit!

March 1, 2011:

1. no car—bicycle only: I lent my car to my sister in June of 2011, as a sort of test-drive to see what it would be like to be without a vehicle. The experiment worked great—she needed the extra car and I didn’t! My commute to work was super easy—5 miles a day, which gave me my daily exercise, plus i wasn’t paying insurance, gas, or parking, which saved me quite a bit of money each month. i finally sold my land rover at the end of january of this year, and i don’t regret it a bit—i never have to worry about maintenance issues or buying new tires. getting cat litter can be kind of tricky at times though.
2. vegetable/herb garden: definitely accomplished this—with the winter being as mild as it was this year, i was able to maintain and harvest from my kale, cilantro, swiss chard, beets, and cabbage throughout the “winter”.  I’ve planted the beans, okra, lettuce, tomatoes, lavendar, dill, celery and potatoes for this upcoming season, and am planting the squash, zucchini, and jalapenos tomorrow. it’s a good life.
3. recycling: this was something easily accomplished—i simply used an empty cardboard box, and stored it near my trash. i very rarely empty my trash now—most of it goes either in the recycle box or out to my…
4. composting: i wasn’t able to do this until i acquired a bokashi bin—living in a small apartment is NOT conducive to stinky rotting food. i also have started vermi-composting, which consists of two tires, around 100 red wrigglers, and about 2 lbs of food scraps a week. SUPER manageable.
5. Natural tampons: probably the less said about this the better, but i simply cannot tell you how radically the DivaCup revolutionized my life. girls, at least take a look—it’s better for you and the environment
6. homemade shampoo: i DID try this one, but i’m gonna admit—one of my least favorite DIYs. i used a baking soda mix for my roots and apple cider vinegar for everything else, but i was super oily looking for a week (poor king) and smelled like easter eggs. no thanks. i switched from cheap brands with sulfites to the Whole Foods brands, although i think there’s more i can do on this front.
7. line-dry my clothes: i don’t necessarily have the space/YARD for this, but I did stretch a twine line on my back balcony, and line-dry my delicates. although i don’t do my laundry very often—i usually do it at my parents, so free laundry woo hoo! i’d definitely like to step up on this front
8. homemade bread: i haven’t bought a loaf of packaged bread in almost two years, and very rarely do i pick up a french boule from Whole Foods. i adore making my own bread, although it can be very difficult. i’ve been doing it for two years and i still have yet to master the tricky thing, especially vegan bread for the king.
9. glass dishes for leftovers: a super easy transition—pyrex to the rescue! although, in the spirit of recycling—i reuse EVERY plastic bag or bulk container for storage. i just don’t reheat in plastic or styrofoam.
10. simpler phone—no gadgetry: simple enough—i waited until my blackberry was driving me nuts, was past the upgrade date, and then i bought a simple little talk/text. it’s been wonderful—no constant checking of facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc. i live unchained from my phone, and it’s a grand feeling.
11. pay off Gap, CapitalOne and REI cards: ACCOMPLISHED! yeah, super grateful for this one. i found a lot of inspiration from, and followed his 31-Day Guide which helped me not only prioritize my goals, but also gave me a clearer picture of what my finances looked like. While this wasn’t necessarily accomplished in 2011, I began seriously investing in this goal in October, and as of February had paid them all off!
12. Hit 145 lbs: Not gonna lie—this is one goal I never reached. I came close by 5 lbs on my birthday, but never hit it. i’ve rededicated myself to losing inches, not weight, this time around.
13. Run an event (5k): nope. didn’t. i’ll blame the asthma and chocolate. i think this year i’m going to try to do the Tough Mudder in October.
14. get own place: YUP! a beautiful, tiny, little apartment, with a balcony dining room, french doors, and a front balcony crowded with tomato plants. my own kitchen, my own messy dishes, a fridge full of food only i will eat. if the trash doesn’t get taken out it’s my own fault, and i can’t imagine going back to roommates. i simply adore my little home.

So i guess 12/14 goals for last year isn’t too shabby! I’ve thought about revisiting the goals I set for THIS year, but…it’s only four months in. Don’t want to jump the gun! Also, why yes, I DID figure out how to link in this post.


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