declaration of feminine beauty

i realized something yesterday. i am a woman.

i. am. a. WOMAN.

i’m sure there are smirks and snide comments that could be made about that simple statement. don’t worry, i’ve already said them in my head. i’ve decided it’s worth it.

what i mean when i say that is that i fully realized and truly accepted that not only am i female, i am a woman who can compete on any level with any of the women idolized by today’s society. just because most definitions of beauty are limited to sizes 0-4 does not mean the rest of us don’t have something just as valuable to offer. i’m not saying i’m the most talented at everything and no one is better than me. what i mean to say is that

i am as sexy and beguiling, no less of a person no matter my shape.

i shouldn’t have to feel second-class because my butt is a ridiculous C-shape.

i am just as beautiful as any black and white boudoir picture, just as enticing as the waif in clothes that swallow her.

just because my belly isn’t taut and slim doesn’t mean i’m not cuddly-worthy, doesn’t mean I can’t lure a man the same way a siren does.

skinny women aren’t the only ones who deserve love and respect. we all do.

i am as much a member of the fairer sex as the models, actresses, and celebrities who strut around in clothes i could never fit into.

i don’t need to short-change myself because i think i’m too fat to love.

i don’t need to second-guess my ideas, dreams, or words because i’m not cut from the same mold as the famous.

i am not stupid or ridiculous. i am a woman with a valid point of view.

i can be irresistible and love french fries. the two are not mutually exclusive.

i am not absurd for wanting the same love and feeling the same desires as anyone half my size.

my powerful thighs are just as appealing as skinny ones.

being a ‘real woman’ isn’t limited by pant size.

i am not trying to bash anyone who does happen to be a size two. it isn’t your fault i am made to feel insecure about my womanhood and my personhood and my ability to love and be loved. i’m trying to assert that your validity as a person, as a woman, as a beguiler, shouldn’t be based on your appearance. i would be a hypocrite to say slender girls aren’t as loving as those of us with a little more curve. we’re all women, and we all matter.

a heck of a realization for a Tuesday.


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