I Am Learning That…

…Giggling and wiggling your toes after painting them does not make you any less of a bad-ass.
…To make the room feel bigger, you should bring drapery/furniture/art UP the walls—vertical design draws the eye up.
…You should allow yourself some fragility.
…Even if your boyfriend will question your sanity, it is important to call him crying every once in a while.
…I can like high heels and bare feet. They are not mutually exclusive.
…My hair really is as pretty as I secretly (not anymore) think it is.
…Just because your boyfriend likes how you look in makeup doesn’t mean he doesn’t like how you look WITHOUT makeup.
…If you can, do.
…Putting thought into how you look doesn’t make you shallow unless that’s where ALL your thought goes.
…Paying your bills can be difficult.
…Riding a bicycle is worth it.
…Women are supposed to have shape. I’m exceedingly proud of my heavy bottom—the shape, muscle, and tone are more fun to look at.
…In theory, I love fresh flowers. In practice, they are expensive, hard to bring home on a bicycle, and add unnecessarily to a grocery bill.
…Fashion blogs are not evil in themselves—it’s what you do with them that makes them good or evil. If I allow the thin model to intimidate me, #10 is negated. If I appreciate her beauty and move on, my world has been made a little more beautiful.
…Thinking beautiful thoughts, surrounding myself with beautiful things and spending time with beautiful people will give me a beautiful life.
…You should only put things in your house that A) serve a purpose and B) you love.…I am as susceptible to reality TV as others. But only if they involve interior design. Everyone has their price.…I’m not as good at doing the dishes as I thought I was.
…A ceiling fan is NOT enough to combat the Texas summer heat. Also, that A/C bills can get quite high in July.
…I’m funny.
…Vertical stripes (walls) make a room feel taller, horizontal stripes (floors) make a room feel wider/lengthier…
.All ‘rom-coms’ are now so formulaic that there is no point to even “netflix-ing” them anymore.
…It’s important to take time for yourself.
…It’s important to make time for others.
…Not all knowledge is necessary.
…cats like to climb curtains.


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