This Was Actually Written on The First Day of Spring, NOT 4/18

today is the first day of spring. and everyone else is talking about it too, so why not me? blogs all over are blooming with pictures of blooms, farm blogs talk about getting out from under snow, other people are showing off THEIR seedlings. in my windowless office, devoid of any personal touches save the glass whale and two-inch bronze buddha, i dream of green green fields and the smell of rich moist dirt and cool breezes. spring is not my favorite season, but sometimes it’s hard to remember why. my ride in this morning was glorious—everything was so green, so verdant. it smelled so rainy and everything just looked so happy to be waking up—i actually soliloquized a bit, wishing i could remember a few lines of Wordsworth, because i KNOW he would have had plenty to say.

spring has always signified the end of things for me, though. i blame our semester system—i was in school for most of my cognizant life. and then i went to camp, which runs on a SUMMER system, which is the same thing. and then i worked at a preschool. and then i worked at heb, so you want to change anyway. not to mention, my leases have always been up in may as well, so spring can sometimes be an anxious time: where am i headed, where will i live, how will i do this? i have to remind myself—there is no reason to change. i am in a good place, i am in a stable relationship, i have a plum of a job,  i have great friends and many blessings and gardens to plant, quilts to sew, and projects to do. i have my life to live, i don’t need to keep looking for newer better different. life is good, right where i am.

i was extraordinarily productive this weekend, despite having an extremely sore neck. (i had some sort of charlie horse in my neck during a stretching session, and i’m still feeling it. i’m actually considering paying for a massage!) BUT. i got my winter garden fully harvested and torn up, soil amended and resting before a new season. i’m thrilled at how many earthworms i dug up—it means the soil is healthy and full of good things. i’m wearing the cutest dress today from my weekend shopping spree with my mom and sister (is it really a spree if you’re at a thrift store?), plus i bought more adorable sheets for quilting. i got some grocery staples, pickled beets and some onions, tried to make sangria jelly (not enough sugar sad day) and made the most amazing sweet potato pancakes. seriously. SO. GOOD. i only wish i had made the caramel syrup that was supposed to go with it.

have any of you ever seen that show Portlandia? it’s something i enjoy, but only in small doses. i see how similar it is to Austin that it’s humorous to me. i mention it because there’s a sketch in one of the first few episodes that mocks people who take it to the extreme in knowing where the meat on their plate comes from. Last night, while patronizing a well-known Austin icon, i had to ask…”where does the lamb come from?” i felt ridiculous, i knew exactly what the king was thinking, and I really didn’t want to see a smirk on the waitress’s face. but i wasn’t going to eat it until i knew if it were local and loved first. luckily she knew what i meant, and was really helpful and fun about it. i guess i should expect to look a little ridiculous from time to time in a world that thinks my views are a little outlandish, but it was important to me to know that it wasn’t some CAFO animal. plus, that’s probably not the first OR last time she’s had some form of that question.

i slept with the doors to my back patio open last night. it was a real whizzbang of a storm, but i didn’t mind waking up because of thunder and lightning, not at all. it was so warm, and the air was so refreshing and cool, just cool enough to warrant snuggling up in an old comfortable quilt. it was so delicious, to be so comfortable and hear the rain and am i the only one who thinks that there’s something unaccountably satisfying about a loooooooooonngggggg roll of thunder? either that or the lightning scared the kitties though, and they came running up to get into bed with me. apparently i can protect them. and maybe my heart melted a bit.

i know i’m not very exciting as of late. i haven’t been posting pictures because the king took his camera back for a while. i haven’t been writing because i’m lazy, although now i’m a copywriter (oh what was that? i didn’t tell you? well this post is too long right now anyway so that’s my next story) i’m trying to have more discipline with finishing what i’ve started. because as of right this moment, i have five half-finished posts, two poems, and an already-outdated photo of either lavendar or dill sprouts. (why yes, i DID forget to label my seeds!)

so happy tuesday! happy rainstorming! happy first day of spring, happy eating, happy peeing, and happy walking!


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