A Successful Memorial Day

what a productive weekend! I love long lazy weekends that simply invite refreshment. Friday evening we went to a Master Pancake event of the Sound of Music at the Alamo Drafthouse (truly the greatest cinema in the United States), then had a long and lazy Saturday where the only important thing I did was the Farmer’s market.

Sunday involved a long and leisurely motorcycle ride down to New Braunfels, where we spent the afternoon eating and laughing with my family. We ended up driving along “river road”, which is the back road along the Guadalupe river and also happens to be a back way to my parent’s house. Let me tell you–it was a human zoo. Drunk, sunburned, water-logged, mostly (not pretty) naked idiots clogged the river. Tell me, please, what the appeal is in “camping” next to a road, literal inches away from another tent, just so you can sit stewing in the beer-piss of complete strangers? I was so grateful to get free of that stretch of road, although Gruene/New Braunfels is some of the prettiest Texas country.

However. The cicadas are absolutely RIDICULOUS this year, as Texas didn’t get a good hard freeze like we should have, so all the insect larvae actually survived and hatched and now they are FREAKING ME OUT when they hang over my head threateningly in the gazebo.  I saw a stick bug that was NO JOKE–9 inches long. I stayed inside for a lot of Sunday.

And how glorious is it, really, to go to bed on Sunday evening, KNOWING you don’t have to get up? Knowing that as a matter of fact, you DON’T have to go work but instead can enjoy yet another morning abed? Monday morning was nothing but sweetness, nothing but cool sheets and shaved legs and hot tea and tousled clean hair (that wouldn’t get sweaty from a ride in to the office). And Monday afternoon was a wonderfully productive day. I love it when Jon’s feeling ambitious, because that means I get stuff done. A trip to Home Depot got me the things I needed to fix my project bed! I’ll have to take pictures of the process, because it definitely has a long way to go, but at least it’s in better condition now than when I picked it up off Craigslist.

If the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (as is king’s), then the quickest way to MY heart is through the curb.  I realize that sounds funny, but let me tell you how well my man knows me. We were on our way to my house, and I hear him say “Don’t look because you’re going to want it, but there’s a cabinet out by the bin”. Of course I looked. And of course I wanted it–an adorable three foot high white cabinet that simply begged me to take it home. So I did. Strapped to the back of the motorcycle, we hauled it the mile to my house, where I promptly changed out the clear plastic-glass knobs for gorgeous ceramic knobs my mum gave me for Christmas one year, just because she knows how much I love to redo furniture. They couldn’t have been more perfect. And the irony here is that while I had no idea what I was going to use it for until an hour after I got it home, that VERY MORNING I was telling Jon how I had been needing something to store my canned goods and extra jars in. AND NOW I HAVE IT. Along with a very adorable shelf for my cookbooks and gardening/cooking books. I’ll have to take pictures because I’m so proud of it.

So now I have a clean house, a stocked fridge (I also made peach jam and some yogurt yesterday!), cats that can’t escape the back porch, and an almost-complete herb garden. My tomato plant has some itty bitties started, and while not all of my laundry is clean, it’s either in the hamper or the closet.



One comment

  1. Aya · June 7, 2012

    Ah…. somehow a peace is evoked within me upon reading “cats that cannot escape”… too many a’time have I dealt with escaping cats @_@

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