A Better Weekend

I’m just now getting to my “This Is How Awesome My Weekend Was” because I made it an extra-awesome weekend by making it extra-long–I took Monday off to celebrate my birthday a little early! It was great on so many levels, mostly due to time spent with my family, my man, my friends, and my cats.

bag of CSA veggies

I should probably tell you that I drunk-crashed while biking home with these on Friday after happy hour with my co-workers. Luckily my house is a quarter mile down a neighborhood street.

Jim Croce, some Chopin, some Willie Nelson, and definitely some Loretta Lynn this weekend.


had to rush out the door early saturday morning, so it was tea for breaky!


. being a cat is hard

best woman in the world

We drove down to help my lovely mother paint her spare bedroom in MY NEW TRUCK!

Then we had delicious pizza under the stars, enjoying a priceless Saturday night with mi familia…


One comment

  1. Mark Good · August 21, 2012

    Your mother looks a lot like my sister!

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