Things I’ve Looking at Lately…

i spend quite a bit of time wandering the halls of the internet, and on a daily basis visit hundreds of links. sometimes those links are just amazing. sometimes, they upset me, anger me, inspire me, feed my soul, or motivate my lazy rear. I’m trying out this feature, to see if A) it’s sustainable and B) to see how many people share my same sense of humor. i post important things to my facebook and i also have a twitter account, so sorry for the redundancy. but here’s what I’m thinking’s pretty awesome:

for fans of the Ermahgerd girl.

you don’t have to talk back. people aren’t entitled to your attention simply because they’re attracted to you. an awesomely fierce woman.

i love the original old spice man, but Terry Crews is killin’ it.

i’m so fascinated by home-brewing, but the downside is that I actually reallydon’t like beer–I’m more of a hard cider girl. So this is a brew I can get behind.

I love it when people do what others say can’t be done (like building bionic hands!). Proof that innovation is still alive, and doesn’t require a fancy laboratory.

This lovely series of photos of the Brown sisters, 25 years of sisterhood.

my favorite animal teasing a cat.

i can’t even imagine how things like this are legal. makes me sick to my stomach (not to mention my heart)

i heart craigslist. a whole whole bunch. and i love coming across posts like these, very organically (I was browsing, I didn’t find this linked from somewhere else!)

And last but least…what would you do if you’d lived through cancer?

Ok that’s actually quite a lot of links, and that’s not even all the ones I wanted to add! For good measure, here are some of the beautiful tumblr photo logs I’ve been looking at:

Gin and Bird
Young Man, Old Soul
The Yard
Now and Then (Not Always SFW)
Old Loves
A Well-Traveled Woman

Ok, now that I’ve thrown up all over my blogs–find some inspiration! And maybe post a few of your favorites? I’d love to see the internet through your eyes today!


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