In Which Our Heroine Is Le Tired

Just wanted to pop over, little blog, and give you a squeeze. I want to fill you up with posts about last derby practice, workout fatigue and victories, or about how frustrated I am with my cat’s sudden disdain for the litter box. But all that’s going to have to wait, blog-ito, because I am le tired (I am pretty sure that’s how the french say it). I have had an emotional week thanks in no small part to the Mary Roach book “Stiff: the Curious Lives of Cadavers”, and can right now only focus on the fact that I am still alive and so are all my importants.

Maybe later I’l detail you with my inspiration for learning how to REALLY master the basics of cooking (crepes, biscuits, pies), or maybe share with you my newest derby breakthrough. But not today. Today is about keepin’ on keepin’ on.

Dear friends, if you could say a little prayer for my timid soul today, I would certainly appreciate it. I am having a rough week.


One comment

  1. amberjohnstone · November 2, 2012

    Aww, you’re in my thoughts, dear. Hope you feel better and that you have a relaxing weekend ❤


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