In Which Our Heroine Learns What It Is To Be A Battery.

whoever invented weekends was a genius.

because there is nothing quite like those two days in which you can let your brain soak in a saline solution while you go off and eat what you want, sleep as long as you like, and watch whatever trashy 90’s comedy or early aught’s sci-fi you please.

it’s like when you get super muddy and take a shower–there is something so cathartic about seeing that ridiculous mess give way to cleanliness, order, and newness. it’s why i don’t mind doing the dishes, folding the laundry, or emptying the trash. i love fresh sheets and shaved legs for the same reason–comfort and sanity restored.

after the chaos and busy-ness of last week, i needed some time to just BE. i was frazzled after a normally-scheduled busy week turned into a nightmarish-busy week. mentally it wore me out, then i exhausted myself emotionally by thinking through AND documenting my Final Wishes (thank you very much, Mary Roach). it was a rough week, filled with nightmares every.single.night. (i was being prepped for organ donation, had an Ariel experience without the happy ending, and battled a troll that wouldn’t die). so i welcomed this weekend with all it’s normalcy and chores. i listened to Phantom of the Opera on vinyl while washing my floors, learned the four proper falls at derby training, picked up my milk, and then gorged on homemade pizza and Vietnamese food. i visited my family, decided on a derby name, and cleaned off my back patio. a full recharge.

it sounds boring, because it was. and that was amazing. it wasn’t terribly exciting. but i wanted nothing more than to just live in the moment, to not always be thinking about what was going to happen, but rather, what was happening. as much as i love order, i was sick of trying to keep the edges from blurring. like my co-worker says, i felt like i had been herding cats all week. so, i let my dishes stay dirty overnight, i didn’t change the sheets until late last night, and i ate an entire half of pizza. it was exactly what i needed.

today begins another hectic week in which i might be overwhelmed (can you ever just be “whelmed”?). i’ve decided i’m just going to take it one day at a time (except Tuesday. can we please just skip Tuesday and probably Wednesday too?) and accept each day as it comes. today came with an unexpected raise at work. what will tomorrow bring? (notmittromney,notmittromney)

stay tuned and find out.


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