In Which Our Heroine Does Not Apologize for Being Lazy

Everyone says it. 

“I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long. I’ve been super busy”. 

That’s not really my excuse, though. I haven’t felt like documenting what’s been going on. Sure, I could talk about how sad I am that derby’s over until the new year, or how I always want to go skating. How I’ve been emailing/bugging my trainer about workout details, or how I’m ravenously watching the Rollergirls series just to watch bouts. 

I could detail exactly why I need a chiropractor, and show you (with a Paint masterpiece) exactly how many incorrect curves there are in my spine. I could talk about how it initially affected my workout and was so unbelievably frustrating to not be able to move like I’m used to, or how I’m learning how to NOT sleep on my belly (it’s more difficult than I imagined). 

Or I could do the obligatory “Thanksgiving was so great/exhausting/refreshing/relaxing” post, complete with pictures of our turkey, from both thanksgivings (one with my family, one with his). I could talk about how moving my brother into his new, bigger, more adorable house did in fact make me a touch jealous, while still enjoying picking the pecans up in his new backyard. Or how not working out for four days and consuming absolutely ZERO nutrition in that time threw me into a state of grumpiness that was not easily overcome (or rather, it took a vigorous Zumba class to set things right). 

I could go on and on about how awesome this latest batch of sauerkraut was, because it’s my third attempt and the first one that’s actually edible! Let’s just say it’s as good as (definitely better than) the expensive organic sauerkraut Jon insists on buying every week (because it IS so. good.). 

And lastly, I won’t talk about my sell-out. How I finally broke down and bought an iPhone, and how it arrived on the same day as my new glasses so my “hipster kit” was complete. I don’t even care, either–I see so much better out of these glasses that I don’t care how pretentious I look and besides, I like them. And I begrudgingly like my phone too–as long as I don’t become glued to it, I think we’ll get along just fine. 

So I won’t. I’ll just say, “hello, blog! nice to see you again! let’s go back to gourdough’s with susan and eat another doughnut!”. 

and maybe i’ll start adding pictures here, because that seems to be the thing to do with blogs. for now: a picture of my little-brother cat, attacking the phone because he thought I was feeding him. 



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