In Which Our Heroine Feels Fat and Vows to Never Eat Again

man, I hate sugar.

which is a lie. if you know me, you know how much i love cookies, ice cream, pudding, cake, and anything chocolate. it’s my catnip–it makes me crazy.

but it’s also NOT a lie, because sugar does strange things to me. it makes me bloated (fat) and tired. which, if you do research, are actually pretty common side-effects, although the word they used is fatigued. Which is pretty accurate. Last year i was fatigued from Halloween until Christmas, and didn’t figure it out until I used the Googler. This internets thing is pretty useful.

Yesterday was a pretty bad day, eating-wise. I just kept going. A semi-healthy breaky, TWO lunches, and endless cookie snacking in between all “meals”. Dinner was better but I still couldn’t shake the feeling of sugar overload. And then the long look in the mirror produced the predictable “I’m never eating another cookie again!”. I went to bed hating the habits i’ve let myself get into the last two years, the ever-slipping self control. It’s important to me to put unprocessed REAL food into my body, but sometimes those Christmas treats at the office are so damn tempting.

Ugh. I wanted to make this post about how I’m going to do better, detailing why I’m ready to make changes in my life again, which includes a month-long trial of the “Paleo” diet starting in January. But I just get upset thinking about. I have to remember–it was ONE day. It was a bad day, it’s not a bad life. Sometimes you just need to lie on the couch for three hours. That’s ok every once in a while. So here’s a picture of Little Brother watching RuPaul with me.



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