in which our heroine alternately hates, then loves, the internets

as i grow older, i’m learning that the hardest part about starting anything new is the learning curve. being brand new is so overwhelming. with the advent of the internet and our perpetual connection to the ‘world’, not only are there so many facets to ANY single program/theory/discipline/religion, but there is so much information available and so many millions of contributors that have their endless opinions and details and finer points to be debated. there seems to be no easing into anything. i feel a bit like i’ve jumped off the dock, in over my head.

this seems to be especially true in my newest adventure, a Paleo/Primal eating and exercise lifestyle change. at first i thought this would be easy–give up grains, legumes, sugars, processed foods, dairy. except that now i’m reading some dairy is ok? but only certain ones. and some wine and tequila are alright? but only 100% agave. it seems that i can’t just adjust to what NOT to eat, but i must also include an entire new subset of foods–seaweed, roots, nuts I’ve never heard of. Which is all fine and good and I don’t doubt for a minute how healthy these things are, but c’mon! i’m just giving up my soft french boules, my raw milk & turbinado sugar morning tea, my soft bries, jams, jellies, and spreadable cheeses! it’s going to take a few minutes to adjust here! (YES yes I know–it’s only day 4!)

but i can’t go back. that’s the kicker. based on solid science and research that unequivocally backs up the assertions that mark sission of the Primal Blueprint makes, there is no way i can go back to a  lifestyle filled with delicious grains, waffles, nutella, sandwiches, not without knowing that i am intentionally sabotaging my plans to be the healthiest woman i can be. without understanding that the trade-off for a life of buzzing tastebuds and spiked blood sugar is a life of too-tight jeans and avoiding mirrors.

my solution to all this? at first it was to be overwhelmed, throw my hands up in the air, and eat a sandwich. but then i thought–well there’s no harm in ONLY eating what i know is ok. it won’t hurt to give up those things. i don’t have to do the whole thing all at once. and then, then i stumbled onto something from  i’ve never been one for programs–i hate gimmicks, and i HATE salesmen–but i think i may, for once, try mark’s 21-day guide. because 21 days of “sacrifice” is easier than a lifetime of regret….right?



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