Eating Paleo/Primal: Week One Recap

Thoughts throughout the week:

This is overwhelming. There is SO MUCH information out there. Some websites like to support the reasons for eating this way with a ton of science and proof, etc. Which is fine, I’m all for it being legit. I just have never been good at science.

I thought there were simple rules: no gluten/flour. No processed, refined sugar. No dairy. So why is Gouda suddenly on the list of things to eat?

I discovered another way to eat eggs for breaky. Twenty-six years and I finally made my first hard-boiled egg. It was DELICIOUS (add avocado & ham)

I’m KIND OF afraid that I won’t be able to eat all the fruit before it goes bad. (update: It hasn’t gone bad yet, but I’ve read that for optimum weight loss, I should try to restrict my fruit intake to around 1 piece/serving a day. Awesome.)

I felt like a kid in a candy shop when I found out bacon was not only allowed, but encouraged. HELL YES I will take bacon and avocado in my omelets, salads, and vegetables. It makes ANYTHING taste decadent.

As I was making dinner this week, I thought, ‘I just need a Paleo coach. Maybe someone who can just come show me how to do this.’ And then I remembered the internets. And that I am already an awesome cook.’ Oh internets how you have come through for me time and time again! 🙂

Ok, I know it’s just under a week in and it shouldn’t be this hard already! Does it get easier? Because I keep fantasizing about Nutella-smothered waffles. Not day-dreaming. FANTASIZING. I keep saying, “when this is over” when really, I’m not looking for it to be over. I’m thinking long-term, but these waffle-ly dreams are getting obnoxious. I’ve decided it will be my first cheat meal….in three weeks.

My Jon has been amazingly supportive of this, considering he doesn’t eat meat and adores carbs. He’s been a real hero about two different dinners/meals, and all weekend at his mother’s house, kept telling me I couldn’t have something because a caveman didn’t. i wanted to punch him.

My chiropractor says the inflammation in my back has really gone down! Because even though I’ve only been doing this “for reals” a week, I’ve been avoiding gluten for the last three. So it’s nice to feel there’s some success there. It reminded me that I’m doing this as more than a weight loss gimmick.

I JUST WANT A COOKIE. I would settle for a piece of chocolate!

pssst. also. i made this incredibly beautiful, very helpful Paleo Tracker Menu in case you were wondering what Paleo looks like meal to meal. Alas, I absolutely could NOT figure out a way to get it into the post, whole and intact. So if you’re just dying of curiosity, there it is.) 

My boss asked me, point-blank, why I was doing this. What would tempt me to leave behind all I hold dear (I’m looking at you, nutella) and go primal? I had to think about it, because Greg is not someone to whom I can give a flippant answer. This is what I decided: I got tired of feeling like I’d lost control with my eating–halloween to christmas was a binge-fest. I was feeling bloated and that any healthy decisions were impossible. I knew that if I didn’t change something and quick, I would be headed down a path of no-return. I knew several people who had success with a Paleo lifestyle, and what they were saying made sense, even if it did mean giving up quite a few of my favorite things. But those were the things that got me into trouble in the first place. In short, I was ready to be in charge of my own destiny again. I’m skating my body, my body’s not skating me.I’m looking forward to feeling the changes in my body as the weeks progress. I’m excited for my chiropractor to tell an even greater difference, and I’m REALLY looking forward to looser pants. I’m planning my first cheat meal, even though I know it’s weeks away–it keeps me motivated to eat well NOW. I’d like to become a little more proficient in meal prep–I’ve had salad for at least one meal a day this last week, and I think I should be incorporating more roots & nuts into my diet.  I’m learning to listen to my body cues and only eat when I’m hungry, but habit and appetite (not hunger) have still been dictating when I eat.

So. Paleo/Primal–not impossible. Also, not fun for the first week. I’m ready for this next week, and eager to see/feel more changes in my body.

p.s. also I wanted to insert a weekly photo to compare and see if there were any noticeable changes. I came up with this idea whilst at work on Monday (while i want Sunday shots), and so will NOT be taking a weekly photo in front of my mirror today. i will update this tomorrow.


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