i’ll take the fairy tales

i came across something online not too long that said something along the lines of “love the girl who reads…because even though she knows the difference between books & reality…she will try to make her life like her fairy tales”.

and that could not have been truer as i sat on my back patio this weekend, hot tea in a favorite mug, next to my favorite person, reading up on herb gardens, the sky gray & rumbly. it was perfectly quiet, perfectly filling in that “I have no where to be” kind of way. Everything was slow–the turning of the page, the fall of the rain, the cat as he lazily stretched out, the sweet peas as they push further and further out into the world.

it’s bits of my life, these precious bits, that make all the work it took to get here, worth it. i tried to tell myself it would be, weeks ago, as I labored intensely all day breaking soil & mixing compost in the garden. Tying up the thorny bushes of the roses, now to see the almost-violent cascade of scarlet and burgundy flowers over the green, or to watch the lilac starts bud up and unfurl their greenery.

all the times i have to rush about, check things off my to-do list, hurry about lest I miss doing yet another “THING-THAT-MUST-BE-DONE-THIS-MINUTE”…well then when I DON’T need to, i savor it so fully. it makes me appreciate that i DID grab those two beautiful teacups at the thrift shoppe, or i took the time to craft a ‘little moment of beauty’ for a future sometime, only to have that sometime be today.

it can be difficult, to slow down, to just breathe and absorb the world in this very moment, instead of planning for the someday. i always have some plan, something that could be getting finished (although the truth of it is I never will finish it all) but on a rainy sunday, the only thing that needs doing is breathing, and all that’s automatic anyway.


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  1. Mark Good · April 24, 2014


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